Get Out of Here


Danny Kew, 18, is estranged from his parents but earns a good paycheck as the tame IT geek of local crime matriarch Mrs Utz. As her protégé, Danny has been shielded from the grittier side of the business… until now.

The cops have found $2 million in counterfeit notes in Mrs Utz’s safe. She’s as surprised as anyone. The money was supposed to be real: the proceeds of an ATM skimming operation planned by Danny.

Mrs Utz seems to have been set up, and Danny is the prime suspect.

Mrs Utz’s ageing security head, “Soda” Bob McConachie, lures Danny to a disused warehouse for an old-school interrogation, while Mrs Utz spectates remotely via webcam.

Danny must persuade them he’s innocent, or he’ll end up in one of Soda’s lye baths.

But things take a turn for the strange halfway through the interrogation, leaving Danny trapped and alone. He must now try to escape before Mrs Utz gets across town to finish what Soda started. Securely zip-tied to a handcart with limited mobility, Danny must use every object to hand – and his considerable ingenuity – to free himself.

Meanwhile, the question remains: who did steal the $2 million, and what happened to it?